Stop Putting Sugar On Shit.

I hate the saying, ‘fake it ’till you make it.’

Screw that. Don’t fake anything.

Be honest and authentic.

If life feels like shit right now and all you want to do is crumble to your knees and cry – crumble to your knees and cry.

Stop trying to sweeten up ‘shit.’

Why is it better to try to be something you’re not than to actually learn to deal with your feelings, your fears, your anger, your disappointment, your grief… or any other emotion that supports anxiety in your life.

That’s ridiculous – and unhealthy – and unsustainable.

If you’re angry. Work with it.

If your disappointed. Work with it.

If your anxious, depressed, or scared – Work with it!

Stop trying to put sugar on your shit and learn to deal with your issues in healthy, productive ways.

There are people out there who can help you – therapists, friends, family members, Spiritual advisors, and support groups.

There are activities that can inspire you – art, music, exercise programs, hobbies, and crafts.

There are so many other options besides fake.

If you feel like you’re being served a steaming pile of poo in your life – that’s your intuition saying loud and clear – This Situation Stinks!

The first question you need to ask yourself is:

Do you want to ‘fake it’ and prolong that shit, or do you want to get out your preverbal pooper-scooper and start making changes in your life? – the kind that smell better, feel better, and produce more positive results.

The choice is yours.

You can keep faking it.

Or you can get real with yourself and right with your life.

Question Two:  What are you faking and why are you faking it? 

Write down the answer. Then ask yourself –

  1. What fears prevent you from making changes in this area?
  2. How can you start to overcome those fears? (who/what/where are your support networks)

Question Three:  What would your life look/feel like if you could be authentic in this area?

  1. What would you actually be doing/saying differently if you were in a space of authenticity?
  2. How do you create the boundaries you need to be authentic?

Question Four: What are three things you can do right now – today – to start creating a more honest and supportive life for yourself. 

Write those three things down and start working on them. Every day. Until they are a natural part of your life. Then pick three more…

Keep doing that until you never have to fake a single thing – ever again.



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  1. My proverbial pooper scooper is more like a front loader. Gotta dig shit up and deal with it because I’m tired of sugar coating shit that pisses me off. I see myself in this post and the recent drama that happened between my ex and me (you know this endless loop I keep finding myself in with him.) it’s time to get out of this loop.

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