Does Your Life Have Meaning?

I’ve been a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer for some time now, and one reacurring theme I’ve noticed in my healing work is how desperately people are seeking  meaning in their lives.

Many of the people I’ve worked with come to me feeling depressed, angry, lost, confused, hopeless…

And they’re looking something – anything – that will offer them comfort and relieve their anxiety.

I call these people Meaning Seekers.

Meaning Seekers are compassionate, loving, and kind. They want to improve their circumstances, enjoy their lives, and make the world a better place.  They want to be inspired and they want to inspire others. Yet, they feel lost – as though something is missing and they can’t quite put their finger on it.

That missing link is called Spirit.

Spirit is the spark of inspiration that helps people take pride in their environment and makes them excited about participating in life.

In high school, we called that School Spirit. In adult life, it’s called Community Spirit.

There is a incredible amount of frustration, depression, and overwhelm in the process of seeking meaning – especially on a Spiritual level – especially in our modern world – because what people seeking meaning often forget about is how wonderfully privledged they are.

If you are taking the time to search for meaning through books, podcasts, YouTube videos, or mentors – vacations or career changes – new networking groups, journaling, yoga, or dieting… – That probably means you have food and water security, a home you feel safe in, some sort of reliable income, and at least one trusted friend you can depend on. And that means you are priveledged.

If you’re searching for meaning – help the less fortunate.

Your Spirit – or Spirituality – is meant to be shared with others for the purpose of enjoying  life and uplifting the human condition. It is only when you stop sharing your Spirit that depression and detachment set in.

So, where in your community can you be meaningful on purpose? Where can you share your spirit?

Get creative. Like you would have in high school – at Homecoming – and you get to be the party planner.

If you want your life to have meaning, be meaninful.

If you want your life to have purpose, be purposeful.

Volunteer at or donate to local food banks, homeless shelters, animal shelters, churches, and/or any other organization that directly benefits your community.

Organize gift swaps and clothing drives.

Create safe, healthy places for the children in your neighborhood to gather and play, learn and grow.

Help your elderly and disabled neighbors.

Smile more.

Listen more.

Compliment people.

Get involved.

Give yourself a purpose.

Raise your Community’s Spirit.

And make a difference.

Life only has meaning when it is shared with others.


Inspire us!
Please use the comment section to share some of the ways you give your Spirit purpose by uplifting your community.





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3 responses to “Does Your Life Have Meaning?

  1. I work for a disabled man – helping him live independently in his home. I also volunteer on the board of directors for a low-income community that helps the elderly and disabled, veterans, and very low income families have safe, affordable housing. My husband volunteered to head a committee that funded a girl’s youth hockey program for one of our local high schools.

  2. Community is very important to me. I’ve created a bi-monthly crafternoon where 6 or 7 of us gather to make things or color, or bead, or whatever, but it is in community where we don’t feel isolated or alone. Sometimes, my community is my own family (for the sheer size of it!) – We host family dinner twice a month for the very same reasons I host crafternoon. Yesterday I had my dad over to watch the football game because I know he’s feeling lonely.

    The output of my crafternoons – all those scarves I make, at least a dozen of them will be donated to the homeless shelter. That was the commitment I made over the summer – for every scarf sold, I donate one.

    • I love all of this! Connecting with people, creating things, and donating to good causes. That’s the good, yummy, stuff that makes life sweet and hearts full.

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