How To Choose Kindness Over Anger, Hate, And Other Negative Emotions


Being kind is challenging. Especially now – in the mists of incredible social and political discourse.

Being kind feels nearly impossible these days.


Because to be kind means to be united.

And how do you be kind to someone who is unwilling to be united with you?

How do you be non-violent when everyone around you wants to argue or fight?

How do you be respectful of others when respect is off the table?

Creating a world of peace when anger and stress are the underlying emotions most people are feeling right now is a daunting proposition.

Yet, it is entirely possible to be devoted to the art of kindness – if that becomes our priority.

So how do we do it? How do we let go of the anger? The differences of opinion? The moments that trigger us into uncontrollable rants of outrage, disappointment, fear, and righteous indignation?

Here’s an easy three step guide to get you started…

Step One – Find Out Where The Happy Is Being Sucked Out Of Your Life.

Figure out where the sources of discontent are in your life and stop paying so much attention to them. Turn off the news. Unfollow people on Facebook. Stop allowing your mind to repeat stories of past offenses – especially if they are there simply to allow you to hold tight to your grudges. Eliminate everything that causes you unnecessary stress and prevents you from enjoying your life.

Step Two – Focus On The Good Stuff.

What brings you joy in life and why aren’t you doing more of it? Teach yourself how to speak the language of kindness by surrounding yourself with what you like and what you love. Focus on the people, things, and activities where words like joy, happy, fun, awesome, and amazing are the adjectives you will most likely use to describe your experiences. What you experience in life directly determines your emotional health and stress level. Choose wisely and kindly.

Step Three – Share Joy Where It Is Appreciated And Needed

Love your family and friends – especially the ones who love you back. Spend time with them. Thank them for helping you keep your Spirits up. Volunteer at food banks, homeless shelters, and other venues where you can help uplift the human social condition in your community. Donate to causes you feel compassionately connected to. Pray. Smile when you are in public. Open doors for people and compliment strangers when and where it feels appropriate.  Create kindness and joy on purpose whenever and wherever you can. Let others feel what it’s like to relax, laugh, and connect to each other’s humanity. Connection is unity. Unity is kindness.

Often times we get so wrapped up in the horrors of the world around us, so reactive to the things that trigger us, and so stressed out by the demands we place on ourselves and others, we forget how to be joyful and kind. Joy and kindness are not a given. They are learned behaviors and acquired character choices.

Whenever possible – choose kindness and joy.

Wherever possible – turn away from anger, stress, hatred and grudges.

See how your world changes…





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2 responses to “How To Choose Kindness Over Anger, Hate, And Other Negative Emotions

  1. I did a lot of #1 in the days following the election. The level of weird was off the charts for me. Staying off Facebook was the best thing for me to do. ❤

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