More Peace. More Love.

Dear Everyone Who Is Struggling Right Now With The Current Social And Political Climate – 

I’m sorry you’re angry.

I’m sorry you’re afraid.

I’m sorry you feel the need to fight with each other.

I’m sorry you’re sad.

I’m sorry you’re being triggered.

I’m sorry I’m often the reason for your trigger.

However – And I Mean This –

I am not sorry for the conversations we need to have to get through this.

I am not sorry for the purging of old patterns of behavior.

I am not sorry for the incredible amount of healing that happens in times like these.

And In Times Like These…

When/If you cannot be in a place of love or peace.

I will do my best to be there for you. 

I will be strong.

I will be kind.

I will be loving.

I will be supportive.

and I will listen.

To the best of my ability. 

I will also be human.

So please forgive me – it helps me when you do.

Your forgiveness allows me to change my thoughts and behaviors.

It lets me heal, grow, and learn. It allows me to embrace you, understand you, and learn to live in peace with you.

Let me know it’s ok to feel emotions.

Because I do. I feel them to my core.

This is not my weakness, mind you. But my strength.

Because what I feel most – what I choose to feel most deeply within my soul –

Is an unapologetic, strong, compassionate, unabashed – LOVE

And I know, with every cell of my being, that my singular flame of love is stronger than everyone else’s hate combined. 

I know this because love is what I choose to focus on in my life. Every day. All the time.

Am I perfect at it?   – No.

Do I try anyway.     – Yes!

Why?   Because I deserve it. And so do you. You deserve the best from me. All the time. No matter what. With no excuses. No exceptions. No judgements. No witch hunts. No shaming. No blaming. No violence. And no aggression.

Again – if I falter along the way, please hold space for me in return. Don’t attack me. It doesn’t help. Forgive me and give me a chance. Let me move back into love as quickly and with as little damage as possible.

And I will be grateful to you.  So you can be grateful to me.

And now, as I move my Wild, Witchy, Druid-Bitchy, Fucking-Beautiful-Goddess Self forward in the most non-violent, peaceful, joyful, loving, magical, fantastical way possible – I will leave candles in my wake. To light the way. For more Peace. And Love.

Because that’s how I do shit.




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4 responses to “More Peace. More Love.

  1. joanne

    Holy Fucking Shit. AWEN!

  2. We’re all walking each other home. And let me tell you, how grateful I am that you are my friend. I know you hold space for me as I hold it for you. Go on with your bad ass witchy self. ‘Cause I got your back no matter what. ❤

  3. United we stand, devided we fall. We cannot continue to allow ourselves to be divided. I got your back, too Peggy!

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