Why The Hell Am I Here?

That’s a great question.

In fact, I think it’s THE question.

Why AM I here?


What purpose am I serving?

I’ve been trying to answer that question for most of my life.

People have tried to help me along the way – asking things like:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Where do you want to live?

Who do you want to vote for?

What kind of cell phone do you want?

Which cable company offers the best plan?

What kind of house do you want to live in?

What kind of car do you want to drive?

What kind of family, marriage, career, social life do you want?

The questions just kept coming.

And the answers… well… the answers led me in a multitude of directions – but they never quite satisfied me.

I mean sure, they helped me make it look like I was living my life.

But they never answered that deep, spiritual, essence of life-ness.  And they never quite made me feel ‘alive’.

So I just kept coming back to…

What the fuck am I doing with my life?  Really?  On a daily basis?  That makes any difference at all?  To myself or anyone else?

Until, finally, I figured it out.

I’m here to love shit.


There is no other purpose in my life. Just love.

Once I made that decision, I started answering all the regular, normal, what everyone thinks about when putting a life together questions, with only one verb – love.

What kind of family do I want? A loving one.

What kind of house do I want to live in?  A loving one.

What kind of career do I want?  The kind I love.

Where do I want to live?  In a location I love.

I did this for a long time – several years, in fact. Until everything in my life was love-filled – even if the things surrounding me weren’t.

I did this until I realized the point of my life wasn’t to accumulate stuff, or put titles behind my name, or impress people.

The purpose of my life was to learn how to own my emotional shit while not being an asshole to others, – So I can be as kind, gentle, and loving as possible – even when others are not.

I know. It sounds hokey. Be love – blah blah blah. Rainbows and Unicorns and Butterflies. Whatever…

But really – if you take even 10 seconds to think about it – why would’t you want your life to be full of love?

Is that stressed-out, frantic, overwhelmed, frustrated central nervous system worth preserving?

If not, then ask yourself, where is the love in my life and how can I spread that shit around – like fertilizer – so the grass always looks greener on my side of the fence…









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2 responses to “Why The Hell Am I Here?

  1. rainbows and unicorns…blah, blah, blah…hahahaha – but it is that. Not Pollyanna but the be love and embrace the wholesome what is so. And how can you accept and allow that flow with ease and grace in your life?

    Preach it!

  2. Yes, it is that! And a great question to follow.

    How to let love flow –

    Step One: Let The Annoying Shit Go
    Step Two: Hold On To The Good Shit
    Step Three: Repeat!

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