Processing Violence


I had no intention of writing this morning. However, I woke up to several messages posted by friends on my Facebook page expressing their despair over the extreme violence our country has faced in recent weeks. And so, I wish to approach this post gently, as a Reiki Master and a Healer.

The truth is, the amount of violence and fear we wake up to on the news these days is extraordinary. It’s a guarantee that as soon as I pull up my internet homepage, I’m going to be inundated with violent images and violent stories. I’m going to be told what and who to be afraid of. I’m going to spend the day living out the traumas of the world. And I’m going to feel a wide rage of yucky emotions.

How do I process so much fear? How do I process so much anger? How do I process so much grief and despair?

One tear at a time.

And the tears are many.

Yet, each one I shed is important. Each one means something to the world around me. Each tear honors a life lost, a woman or girl raped, a refugee turned away, a person repressed or enslaved…

Each tear is a prayer for peace.

Every time I allow myself to grieve, I shed a layer of fear, discomfort, and anxiety.

For now is the time to grieve. As individuals. As communities. And as a nation.

The anger and fear we hold in our bodies isn’t helping. We need to let it out, not as a lashing out with more violence and fear, but as a cleansing.

Grief is a raw, powerful, shedding of all that no longer serves us nor can remain a part of our lives. To shed violence and fear means to grieve deeply for the suffering it has caused our friends, families, neighborhoods, and countries.

It takes courage to grieve. Because to do so means to stop fighting. Grieving means surrendering to the consequences of our actions as humans.

And so I say to those who woke up this morning in despair. Let your grief come. Allow it to roll down your face. Have the courage to take a few moments to stop fighting. To stop fearing. To stop allowing violence to overwhelm you.

Instead, overwhelm the violence with your grief.

Let us mourn the loss of safety.

Let us mourn the loss of love.

Let us mourn the loss of nature.

Let us mourn until the last tears of violence and fear leave our bodies.

And then let us honor, courageously, the wisdom we have acquired from witnessing such extreme acts of horror and war.

As we do that, may we begin to create new ways of being. Little pockets of peace in the world.

Be bold enough to be the anchor of a new way of living.

Peace happens one heart at a time.

Love happens one heart at at time.

Safety happens one heart at a time.

If you are fortunate enough to live outside any immediate threat of violence, I implore you to move through the process of grief so as to hold the energy of peace and love.

Honor those who are experiencing extreme violence in their lives by being as peaceful and loving as you can in your life.

I encourage you to remember the motto of our beautiful nation – E Pluribus Unum

From Many, One. The opposite is also true.

From one loving heart – the rise of many loving hearts.

From one peaceful person – the rise of many peaceful people.

Hold on to your love as strongly as possible. Share it whenever possible. Be bold and courageous enough to end your personal cycles of violence and fear – however you can.

Honor those who have been directly affected by violence by surrounding them with loving peace.

I am a white woman. My direct experience with the violent atrocities of modern humanity is limited. I fully admit I still have the privilege of living a life in a safe harbor. I understand my privilege. I honor it. And instead of taking it for granted, I work to share it with as many people as possible in my personal life.

I will not waste my privilege by denying others the right to feel peaceful and safe in my presence.

I will not hate.

I will not fear.

I will have the courage to look at the faces of refugees. To acknowledge the repression in black communities. To lovingly accept the prayers of Muslims. To thank migrant workers for their labor. To stop blaming victims.

I will have the courage to live a peaceful life. To surrender any and all fights I don’t need to perpetuate. And to anchor Love wherever I go.

This is how I wish to contribute to humanity – as a Reiki Master, a healer, and a citizen of this Earth.








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