Wisdom and Love

To say I’ve been through a lot the past few years would be an understatement. Honestly, how do you describe life when the Ultimate Powers that Be pull everything out from under you all at once? How does one even begin to process the process of having every relationship, social structure, career move, parenting decision, spiritual truth, habit, and thought stripped down and questioned?

Because that’s what happened.

The Universe (God/Goddess/My Higher Self – Whatever you want to call the life-force behind Spirituality) challenged me to question absolutely everything about my existence.

It did so to change me and to change my impact on the world around me.

Humanity is waking up to consciousness en mass and at rapid speed. This ‘Waking Up’ plucked me out of the crowd – turning my life inside out and back again.

I felt like I had no control over the decision to participate. I was committed to accept my Universal Assignment whether I wanted to or not. Somehow the Universe believed in me. Why? Who knows, but it did.

And it’s plucking others out, too. One by one, we are all being called to look at how we live – in our individual lives, as family units, in community, as nations, and as a Global People.

And we are being asked to change.

We are being called to look at our humanity as empowered, responsible adults. At least, I was. Every day The Universe challenged me…

  • What are you doing?
  • What are you creating?
  • How are you affecting others?
  • Are you sure you’re right? Better? Smarter? More (or less) deserving?

So many questions. So many challenges. All of them shifting, filtering, and refining my personal consciousness to boldly reflect two main courses of action.

What is the Wisdom and Where is the Love?

I was being asked to find wisdom and love in every word I spoke and in every action I took. It was a bitch of a process. Life went hard-core on me, especially in the places where I was fearful and resistant.

Change is terrifying. What humanity is being Spiritually called to do at this time is terrifying. We are being asked to look at all our decisions, thoughts, opinions, and actions. We are being guided to follow the courses of our energetic imprints from beginning to end.

Sometimes what we find is miraculous. Sometimes we discover we are the most amazing, loving, beautiful creatures in existence.

Sometimes we find we are in error. And when we find the error, we are then asked, over and over again – What is the Wisdom and Where is the Love?

On a personal level, I knew if I wanted to heal my pain  I was going to have to open myself up to the wisdom of lessons learned, the process of change, and the realization of love.

I had to find redemption and forgiveness. I needed to face grief, guilt, and shame. I had to be brave enough to admit I was passionately wrong. I had to learn to discern when it was appropriate to apologize and let go of an energy pattern verses when to anchor it so deeply into my being nothing else could exist.

It wasn’t easy for me to give up a career and health insurance when I was the financial provider of my family – and riddled with illness.

It wasn’t pleasant to have even the most stable interpersonal relationships jilted at the very foundation.

It sucked to admit I was wrong. It was incredibly difficult sometimes to apologize.

But I did it. I did it because every time I tried to run away from a change the Universe asked me to make, it led me right back into a situation where that change was inevitable.

Eventually I began to understand my evolution – I’ve even learned to embrace it. I came to realize I was worth it. I was worth the effort, the struggle, and the reward.

I also came to realize you were worth it, too. You deserve my Spiritual and energetic best. You deserve nothing less than my greatest ability to be impeccable, loving, and wise.

We all deserve it.

So, when the Universe comes knocking at your door with the request of change – embrace it. Accept it as a the ultimate gift for yourself and everyone you love. Evolve into the change as deeply and whole-heartedly as you possibly can. Sink into it over and over again until you can, with unwavering certainty, declare –

This is the Wisdom and This is the Love.  



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