Why Am I Always In Pain?


I felt like shit for a long time.

Seriously – Like dog poo on a sidewalk in 100 degree weather.

The pain in my body was harsh. It made me feel overwhelmed and tired. My joints ached. My head hurt. My back was a cantankerous bitch. My stomach was bloated. I cried a lot.

I went to doctor after doctor trying to find the source of my pain. All I wanted was to put an end to the migraines and muscles aches, the bone crushing exhaustion, the frustration and anger over a body that was shutting down.

I couldn’t figure it out. The only thing medically ‘wrong’ with me was low thyroid function and a gluten allergy.

I went on thyroid medication and stopped eating gluten – which helped. However, there were still times when the pain in my body dropped me to my knees and had me crying out to any god or goddess who would listen.

Sometimes it was so bad I would have conversations with the Universe, letting the powers that be know I was ok if it was time for me to die. I mean that literally. There were times I was in so much physical pain I was begging to be let out of my body.

I don’t mean I was suicidal – not at all. I love my life, my family, and myself. I want to live a good life. I simply understood that a person can only take so much pain before they break down psychologically. Some part of me knew that if the gods had decided it was my time to be set free from my physical suffering, I would be able to do it gracefully and with gratitude.

Of course, the gods saw fit for me to live through my experiences, and to write about my transformation.

There is a lot of information out there about ‘The waves of Ascension’ and what that means for humanity. You can research the terminology if you are unfamiliar with the concept. You’ll find pages of information about signs, symptoms, messages from ascended masters, etc.

What I haven’t found very much of are personal accounts of what actually happens in the physical body, personal lives, and relationship patterns of people who are physically experiencing and living through the ascension process.

Last year, when my Soul cracked open, I began a rapid Spiritual ascent. In layman’s terms, I evolved my Spirituality in a way that helped me understand my physical pain.

All of a sudden, years of suffering began to make sense.

Long story short, I was allergic to my life. Being extremely empathetic, I was having an adverse reaction to society and the way humans interact with each other.

I was allergic to my food, my job, the vast majority of people I encountered, my thoughts, my beliefs, the news media, pop culture, the way I carried my energy body – you name it – nothing was working for me on a physical level. Oh, and by the way, I did go to church last year, and yes, I was allergic to that, too!

The odd and curious thing about all of it, however, was that I wasn’t emotionally overcome by the misery of my pain. Physically, yes, I was suffering immensely. But emotionally, I was ever ready to embrace joy and healing. I wanted to find a way to be comfortable in my body and feel genuinely happy. I think we all do.

It sounds ridiculous to say I was allergic to my life, but bear with me.

As human egos, we are inflamed. Our current social condition is one of great stress. The stresses of society become the stresses of our bodies. Anyone who is empathetic understands this – and everyone is becoming empathetic. Look at all the autoimmune diseases cropping up en mass. Lupus, Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis – the list is long. In addition, depression, social anxiety, and other emotional disorders have simply become commonplace among the human condition.

Our central nervous systems are on overdrive and we are being forced, as a collective whole, to deal with what we’ve done to ourselves.

Quantum Physics is beginning to give us a scientific understanding of how to energetically work with our stressors.  We can heal directly within our physical bodies via therapies like Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Yoga, mediation, and other Spiritual healing techniques in ways where western medicine falls short.*

Right now, the process of working directly with the quantum physics of human anatomy  feels new and extremely uncomfortable. Many of us doing the work first hand – meaning those of us who are suffering through the pain of a modern day life – are not doctors, or therapists, or scientists. We’re simply people who want to stop feeling like poop on a sidewalk in August.

It’s possible to work through it. It’s possible to find a way into a pain-free, graceful, peaceful existence.

I’m doing it. Step by step. Day by day. You can do it, too.

The first step is awareness. What is the biggest source of stress in your life?  Whatever comes to mind is the right answer.

If you can name it, you can begin to work with it. That’s where the healing starts and the pain begins to ease.


*I’m not suggesting an abandonment of conventional medicine by any means. In fact, if you are fortunate enough to have access to the human right of quality health insurance and a doctor – seek medical attention whenever necessary.*




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2 responses to “Why Am I Always In Pain?

  1. Jane

    Excellent , Thank you

  2. Thank you for reading. Many blessings to you.

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