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Hey!!! Don’t Touch My Donut!


I cried when I found out I would not be able to eat Krispie Kreme donuts anymore.

When I say I cried, what I really mean is –  I had an all out kicking and screaming, laying on the floor, bottom lip out, temper tantrum. (No, I wasn’t a little kid – I was well into my 30’s.) I followed that heroic scene up with a whole lot of denial, anger, and depression. I ate three extra donuts that week. And Mac and Cheese. And a bagel. And some pizza. I’m sure there was more, but you get the idea.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit the extent of my dismay at being told I had a gluten allergy – but there it is.

I’d been suffering through pain on a daily basis for over two years at that point.


Muscle Aches

Sensitivity to Light

Joint Pain

Extreme Exhaustion

Back Pain

Knee Pain

Dry, Itchy Skin

Gross, Brittle Hair

I felt like a mess, inside and out.

I’d been told by my primary care physician I had hypothyroidism but my hormone levels had been stabilized in the normal range, so I should’t be feeling bad anymore.

He said, and I quote, “Your thyroid levels are fine. I can’t find any other medical reason for what you’re describing. I’ll prescribe you a migraine medication. Take that and good luck to you.” He was a bit put off by my insistence, as if I were a hypochondriac or a cry baby.

I walked out of his office thinking – Good Luck? Seriously? How many years of medical school and your best answer for what’s going on with me is a migraine pill and a Good Luck wish?

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

To his credit, I’m sure he was just as frustrated as I was. I’d been to his office several times over complaining of exhaustion, achy-ness, and a general feeling of ‘blah’.  He’d run a battery of blood tests that all came out healthy. He was an old-school doctor and a gluten allergy probably never once crossed his mind, let alone the phenomena of Spiritually waking up.

The conversation I had that day – moreover – the doctor’s moment of outward irritation at not being able to help me –  sparked the beginning of my Spiritual journey into food. I went home and immediately began to research homeopathic doctors in my area.

A few weeks later, with the help of my new doctor, I received the news about my gluten allergy. Once I got over the initial drama of being told I had to change the way I ate, I embarked on a decade long odyssey into the metaphysics of food.

First and foremost, I wanted to understand why I was reacting to food so adversely in my body. The simple answer to that is: Most of the food I was eating wasn’t actually food. It was drugs made to look like food. Excellent. Not only was I allergic to donuts, I was also a drug addict.

You know the meth and ecstasy “pills” that look like skittles and gummy bears? Yeah, well, food’s like that, too.


Let’s take sugar for example. Studies show that sugar has the exact same effect on the brain as cocaine. So, if you wouldn’t do a line of coke off your kitchen table, why in the hell would you eat a teaspoon of sugar? Crazy, right?

Let’s think about that. Why do we eat sugar? We eat it because it’s a drug and we’re addicted to it. It’s in most processed food in one form or another and it’s been marketed to us since birth. As sugar addicts, our brains become hardwired to seek out the very chemical (sugar) that creates the dopamine reaction in our systems that make us feel – at least temporarily – good.

We all know about the sugar high, right?  It’s called a high for a reason.

Like any drug – the initial ‘high’ feels good. In our stressed out, over stimulated, pain-inducing lives, that ‘feel good high’ is hard to give up.

That’s why changing the way you eat isn’t just about changing the way you eat. It’s about withdrawing from the drug addiction you’ve developed from the food you’re used to eating.

Mentally replace the words on any food label from:

‘sugar’  to  ‘drug’

‘aspartame’  to  ‘drug’

‘maltodextrin’  to  ‘drug’

‘high fructose corn syrup’  to  ‘drug’

‘red (or yellow, or blue) food dye’  to  ‘drug’

‘any long word you can’t pronounce and know is not food’  to  ‘drug’

Go ahead. Grab a packaged food or two from your kitchen and experiment. How many times do you say the word ‘drug’ when you’re reading off the ingredients on your boxes of cereal and your jars of spaghetti sauce? My guess is, way more than you thought you would.

That’s why it’s so hard to go on a diet and modify the way you eat.

Failing a diet or giving in to a craving isn’t just a moment of weakness brought on by your inability to maintain self control. If it were really that simple, the diet industry wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar a year business.

There is so much more to it than just ‘putting the donut down’ –  Especially in the beginning of your food awareness journey.

Not only are you eliminating your traditional comfort foods and desserts, you’re also detoxing from the drugs in those foods.

This process takes time, patience, love, compassion, and grace. It really is a “12 step program” and it requires that you develop a Spiritual relationship with your food.

When we talk – as Reiki Masters and Shaman and Spiritual Healers – about the Waves of Ascension and/or the Spiritual Awakening of our time, what we are referring to is being aware of the Spiritual connections between who we are and what we do. We are connected Spiritually to every act we commit whether we are conscious of it or not.

Eating, something we do multiple times a day, is no exception. We are Spiritually connected to the food we eat.  Everything we are able to consume as humans for the benefit (or detriment – in the modern diet) of our health has a Spirit- or an energy. Drugs, be they synthetic or plant based, also have an energetic force – or – Spirit. From a quantum perspective, the Spirit, or energy of the food or drug we take into our bodies, creates a resonating pattern of energy in every bone, muscle, joint, tendon, and cell. In fact, it reduces down energetically to affect even the amino acids in our DNA.

We do, literally, become what we eat – physically, mentally, and Spiritually. Our brains help us out. They create dopamine receptors that consciously seek out the drugs in the foods we consume. It’s as if we grow energetic antennae that tune in to the things we’re putting into our bodies to sustain our life force. If we’re hardwired to seek out sugar, that’s what our bodies will crave. If we’re hardwired to seek out lettuce – salad will make our mouths water.

It is that simple and that complicated.

The only way to make lasting, long term changes to your diet is to bring Spiritual awareness to your food choices.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to say the following words every time you choose to eat something:

“This is the healthiest choice I can make right now for my body.” 

Then, trust yourself. Your Soul (Spirit, Higher Self, Connection to the Universe) will automatically become aware of what you are doing. Perhaps on day one, a donut is the healthiest choice you are capable of making. But it won’t always be. Down the road, your choices will become better for you. The more you practice this exercise, the more your Spirit begins to pay attention to and resonate with your desire to be healthy. Your body and brain withdraw from food chemicals, dyes, and additives. You develop new ‘energetic antennae’ that are more attuned to the life force of healthier foods. Your body begins to repair and rebuild itself.

Mine did.

Now, I can get through entire days at a time without crying over donuts and I rarely suffer from migraines.

If you are consistantly in pain, my first suggestion is that you take a good, hard look at what you’re eating. If you can go to the doctor for a work up on your individual food allergies, please do! Then, stop eating what you’re allergic to.  Begin to replace processed food-like products with fresh, whole foods. Eliminate sugar as much as possible, and explore your Spiritual relationship with food.

Check out these articles for more information about the effects of sugar on the brain:

For more information about gluten allergies and Celiac disease:








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Why Am I Always In Pain?


I felt like shit for a long time.

Seriously – Like dog poo on a sidewalk in 100 degree weather.

The pain in my body was harsh. It made me feel overwhelmed and tired. My joints ached. My head hurt. My back was a cantankerous bitch. My stomach was bloated. I cried a lot.

I went to doctor after doctor trying to find the source of my pain. All I wanted was to put an end to the migraines and muscles aches, the bone crushing exhaustion, the frustration and anger over a body that was shutting down.

I couldn’t figure it out. The only thing medically ‘wrong’ with me was low thyroid function and a gluten allergy.

I went on thyroid medication and stopped eating gluten – which helped. However, there were still times when the pain in my body dropped me to my knees and had me crying out to any god or goddess who would listen.

Sometimes it was so bad I would have conversations with the Universe, letting the powers that be know I was ok if it was time for me to die. I mean that literally. There were times I was in so much physical pain I was begging to be let out of my body.

I don’t mean I was suicidal – not at all. I love my life, my family, and myself. I want to live a good life. I simply understood that a person can only take so much pain before they break down psychologically. Some part of me knew that if the gods had decided it was my time to be set free from my physical suffering, I would be able to do it gracefully and with gratitude.

Of course, the gods saw fit for me to live through my experiences, and to write about my transformation.

There is a lot of information out there about ‘The waves of Ascension’ and what that means for humanity. You can research the terminology if you are unfamiliar with the concept. You’ll find pages of information about signs, symptoms, messages from ascended masters, etc.

What I haven’t found very much of are personal accounts of what actually happens in the physical body, personal lives, and relationship patterns of people who are physically experiencing and living through the ascension process.

Last year, when my Soul cracked open, I began a rapid Spiritual ascent. In layman’s terms, I evolved my Spirituality in a way that helped me understand my physical pain.

All of a sudden, years of suffering began to make sense.

Long story short, I was allergic to my life. Being extremely empathetic, I was having an adverse reaction to society and the way humans interact with each other.

I was allergic to my food, my job, the vast majority of people I encountered, my thoughts, my beliefs, the news media, pop culture, the way I carried my energy body – you name it – nothing was working for me on a physical level. Oh, and by the way, I did go to church last year, and yes, I was allergic to that, too!

The odd and curious thing about all of it, however, was that I wasn’t emotionally overcome by the misery of my pain. Physically, yes, I was suffering immensely. But emotionally, I was ever ready to embrace joy and healing. I wanted to find a way to be comfortable in my body and feel genuinely happy. I think we all do.

It sounds ridiculous to say I was allergic to my life, but bear with me.

As human egos, we are inflamed. Our current social condition is one of great stress. The stresses of society become the stresses of our bodies. Anyone who is empathetic understands this – and everyone is becoming empathetic. Look at all the autoimmune diseases cropping up en mass. Lupus, Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis – the list is long. In addition, depression, social anxiety, and other emotional disorders have simply become commonplace among the human condition.

Our central nervous systems are on overdrive and we are being forced, as a collective whole, to deal with what we’ve done to ourselves.

Quantum Physics is beginning to give us a scientific understanding of how to energetically work with our stressors.  We can heal directly within our physical bodies via therapies like Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Yoga, mediation, and other Spiritual healing techniques in ways where western medicine falls short.*

Right now, the process of working directly with the quantum physics of human anatomy  feels new and extremely uncomfortable. Many of us doing the work first hand – meaning those of us who are suffering through the pain of a modern day life – are not doctors, or therapists, or scientists. We’re simply people who want to stop feeling like poop on a sidewalk in August.

It’s possible to work through it. It’s possible to find a way into a pain-free, graceful, peaceful existence.

I’m doing it. Step by step. Day by day. You can do it, too.

The first step is awareness. What is the biggest source of stress in your life?  Whatever comes to mind is the right answer.

If you can name it, you can begin to work with it. That’s where the healing starts and the pain begins to ease.


*I’m not suggesting an abandonment of conventional medicine by any means. In fact, if you are fortunate enough to have access to the human right of quality health insurance and a doctor – seek medical attention whenever necessary.*



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